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Portfolio - Gr2MKT21

Press announcement

According to the strategic guidelines of our campaign, we should put ourselves in the shoes of the students who might be interested in this initiative. Knowing that after college we will enter the job market, often with little experience, can be daunting, and students may feel lost. In this sense, we made an analogy between the compass's north and the I Living Lab, as this initiative can help guide them by offering immense opportunities. Therefore, we created a flyer that relates to the students while being informative. According to our promise, we set out to explore the benefits gained from participating in the initiative. This promise is fulfilled as the compass points to four advantages acquired through participation in the I Living Labs.

flayer png.png
Captura de ecrã 2023-06-26, às 15.27.10.png


Based on our campaign's strategies and with the goal of captivating students attention to get informed about the I Living Lab initiative, we created this outdoor. The target audience of our campaign are adventurous students who are eager to improve and learn new skills. In this regard, we intend to spark interest among these students to get informed and engage in this initiative. 

 Therefore, this outdoor was conceived based on the use of a graphic element of adventure/discovery, a treasure map, characterised by a path marked by a set of traits that describes the main benefits of this initiative while leading students to the I Living Lab.

Ultimately, the purpose of the analogy created with the treasure was to connect with adventurous students and provide them with insight of how they can benefit from participating in an I Living Lab. 


Following the same line of thought used for the outdoor, the MUPI was designed with the same underlying idea. In this piece, once again, we used the same treasure map to encourage the students to embark on an adventurous journey.

Therefore, and in order to fulfil our campaign's promise - increase students awareness about what an I Living Lab and highlight its advantages - the map intent is to show students the path they could/should follow to achieve a brighter future. As a way of reinforcing this idea we associate the path to "treasure" to the slogan

"Guide your destiny with I Living Lab" and a set of benefits which students could have access to by joining this initiative. 

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Instagram Stories

In this story, we follow the line of thinking used in the other elements. We seek to associate the phrase "Do you want to find the treasure of your future with the I Living Lab?" with the fact that this initiative gives the opportunity to the students who participate in it to have a promising future. The highlighted pirate was associated with adventure and discovery. Since some of the values of this initiative include innovation, commitment to society, co-creation, exploration, and evolution, these values together make the experience highly positive for the students. In this sense, an analogy is created between the treasure and the future benefits for those who participate in the I Living Lab. This announcement involves a participatory and collaborative approach, aligning with the positioning respected by Eudres, aiming to attract interested students to collaborate and create innovative solutions.

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By demonstrating that on the journey to the I Living Lab, students have the opportunity to test their analytical thinking, learn to deal with uncertainty, work on problem-solving, and showcase their creativity, we are highlighting the main benefits of participating in the initiative, fulfilling our promise. By associating elements related to adventure and discovery throughout the entire campaign, our intention is for students to understand that by embarking on this journey, they can gain a highly positive experience for their future.

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The theme of our campaign is the lack of information and knowledge about what an I Living Lab is. In this regard, our advertising goals are to increase students' attention and awareness about this campaign and highlight its benefits. By putting ourselves in the shoes of our target audience, we realize that the future often evokes fear and insecurity. Therefore, we create a parallel between the initiative and elements related to adventure/discovery in an attempt to capture attention for the campaign. However, we also incorporate elements in our pieces that help emphasize the benefits and inform the target audience, in this case, the students, about the advantages of the initiative. One example is our flyer, where the compass points to the I Living Labs, and above it, we highlight the main benefits of it. In  this Instagram post, the caption will complement the image, also highlighting two benefits.

Instagram Video

In this video, the simple definition of an I Living Lab was explained. In order to explain what an I Living Lab is, the video explained that this initiative involves a wide range of actors, including local and regional governments, companies, civil society organizations, and citizens, as dictated by its positioning. Following that, some benefits of participating in this initiative were presented to attract students, researchers, and stakeholders interested in collaborating on these challenges. Therefore, through this video, we aim to align with Eudres' positioning.

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